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The Story behind

“LaDarrin’s Goat Milk, Shea, & Aloe Soap”

LaDarrin’s started as a fragrance company in 1995. In an attempt to sell products up to our standards and to be different we would make our own custom blends. Over the years we have made incense, air fresheners, lotions, soaps, lotions and other items. One day the owner just a thought to create a soap .We were very familiar with other products that are on the market especially “black soap”. We do not like imitating anyone else so we researched alternative odd ingredients. After some research goat’s milk just came to the fore front. The benefits to the skin as far as moisturizing and having the same ph balance as human skin which make it great for acne sealed the deal!! Because we are a fragrance company we designed a scent that made it almost irresistible to our customers. We added aloe & African Shea butter to complete the blend. We had no big marketing plan or any grand intentions what so ever. We just had 30lbs blocks in a melt and pour method and poured it into 12 pcs molds. We started to use the product 1st and before long it was the only soap the entire staff would use. We told the customers how much we liked it and some would say “My skin is very sensitive” or “I can’t just put anything on my skin” so we just started to give out free samples. Within 3 months 30bls went to 100lbs…..100bls went to 300lbs an so on right under our noses. We would spend the better part of our day at the store making this soap and no sooner than we finished, in a day or two it was gone. People would buy then and still do now 12 bars or so at one time. I thought to myself…..what they are doing with this stuff eating it! Selling it or what?! That was in 2005 and it kept on growing since then. It got so out of hand we had to halt production, regroup and invest in means to produce enough of this product to meet demand. We never made claims, what we list is from testimonials from our customers and the benefits of the natural ingredients. This product has truly grown by word of mouth. We just recently advertised this product for the first time. I know this may be shocking to some people but Americans can still create a great product that is made in the U.S.A. that people love. There are rare instances that a product can take hold from thin air and spread throughout the country. We have customers that drive for miles for our soaps and have loyal customers from the biggest cities in the country. What are the odds of catching lighting in a bottle? Well we are grateful to be responsible for such a product and would love give you a sample to experience it for yourself. In rough economy LaDarrin’s Goats milk, Shea, & Aloe soaps & lotions are an affordable luxury that just makes people feel good……and the effects to your skin are undeniable. Thanks so much for giving us a chance.

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