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LaDarrin’s Goat Milk, Shea, & Aloe Soap

Question & Answers


Will this soap break my skin out?

It is not impossible but it is highly unlikely. We use a vegetable base and all natural ingredients in our products. We follow all the official guide lines in production. Be it some people are more sensitive than others we suggest that you use the product on a discreet patch of skin (your ankle etc) and see how it doe’s. We can say with confidence after 6 years of using and selling this product we have sold 1,000’s of bars many positive testimonials. We all make an “unscented” version availible also.

How long does the bar last?

We have a large 6.3oz bar. It lasts an average of 30 days depending on the average use by one person.

Why goats Milk?

We chose this element because it was all natural with many benefits to the skin. It has the same pH balance human skin with makes it great for acne. It also one of nature’s best natural moisturizers.

How long has this product been on the market?

We have a 6 year track record for this product with very few complaints.

Is this product made in the U.S.A?

Yes right here in N.C.

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